Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Dispelling The "Macs Are Bad For Video Editing" Myth

Some people believe that Macs are bad for video editing because they're way too expensive, and because PC's are more common. While these do have truth to them, it's important to put them into context.

Macs are going to more expensive, it's a fact. However, they're not two or three times more expensive. Depending on what model you get, (ignoring the outdated Mac Pros) there's going to be about a $200 - $800 difference between the two. While this may be a deciding factor to some people, I would by no means consider this as "way more expensive." With that extra money, you also get OSX, a great and stable OS along with Apple's great support. The added cost may be a downside, but it's ridiculous to completely disregard Macs for video editing because of $250 extra.

The major NLE's (Nonlinear Editors) run on Mac: Final Cut Pro X & 7, Adobe Premiere Pro (along with the whole Adobe Creative Suite) and Avid Media Composer. So, in terms of software, Macs are just as capable.

Hardware between Macs and PC's is almost identical in many cases. They have the same Intel Processors, 16GB's of RAM and almost identical graphics cards. Since the hardware between the two is so similar, Macs and PC's can both be equally powerful. While the Final Cut Pro X release is very controversial, (some people are calling it iMovie Pro) there still exists a selection of powerful, industry standard video editing applications that you can use. Not to mention the vast improvements Final Cut Pro X has undergone since its initial release.

With all the specific details aside, do what works best for you. If you're on a super tight budget and don't like Macs, then by all means don't buy one. However, Macs are powerful video editing machines capable of everything their PC counterparts are capable of. One advantage Macs have is iMove for beginners. It's far superior to Windows Movie Maker, and is extremely easy and fluid to use, giving beginners the ability to make good looking videos without much technical knowledge. For more advanced users, it really comes down to budget and personal preference; some people love Macs, others don't. Both Macs and PC's can be really great, or horrible for video editing, and it is my opinion that they are about even in the broad scheme of video editing. Whether you're a Mac person or a PC person, it's just incorrect to call the other side unfit for editing video, they're both great.

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