Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

Movie Producer Start-Ups Should Not Forgo The Power of the Web

Not long ago, I met a really smart start-up entrepreneur over coffee. His project is called; "Get Lost" and I thought to myself after he told me the name that telling your customers to "get lost" may not be such a great marketing plan, but it turns out in his case it actually is. Perhaps this is similar to a travel agency where you only make money by sending your customers away, on vacation that is!

Aurelio Ocampo Jr., the entrepreneur I met, is now the director of the Webisode "Get Lost". What is a webisode? Well, it's simply a short online video usually in series or a part of a larger grouping of videos. Anyway, I'd say he has mastered the art. How so you ask? Well, let me explain what he is doing and why, and how he is gaining video views online as his firm gains friends and influences people. Indeed, there is also a rather important social aspect to all this too, he is helping people lose weight and prevent onset diabetes too.

As he explains it; "Our main objective is to find locations that take people of any physical condition away from inactive lifestyles and into more active lifestyles. One important aspect of the show is that we find these places through recommendations from locals. This being said, the show is not restricted to outdoor terrain since places like museums, botanical gardens, historical places and art locations can also be part of the exploration."

Now then, I'd like you to consider this for a moment because here is a filmmaking entrepreneur who has found a very viable niche that virtually no one else has tapped into. Best of all, it is working, and local advertisers are graciously participating, and why wouldn't they? Incidentally economic development associations, chambers of commerce, and many other local nonprofit groups are glad to get involved.

This also brings a substantial number of new viewers to see what's going on, and how their local area is being portrayed, as well as getting them off their butt and giving them an idea of where to go locally, while at the same time promoting their city to others in nearby areas, or even tourists who come and spend their dollars in that community.

Lastly, can you think of any better experience for a movie producer or director? This niche he has tapped into is virtually unlimited, and although it is not an easy road to hoe he's definitely made inroads and seems to have a perfect formula, all garnered through trial and error. And isn't that really what entrepreneurship and moviemaking is all about.

He is bringing ingenuity, innovation, and merging multimedia. This is the future. Indeed I'd like you to please consider all this as you search for your own profitable niche in multimedia entertainment while you harvest the power of the web.

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